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The One Topic I Am Exploring Right Now: Digital Writing.

Natasha Musa 2 min read
The One Topic I Am Exploring Right Now: Digital Writing.
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Have you ever wanted to pursue something so badly that sometimes it keeps you up at night?

For me, it's the desire to be a digital writer.

When I first started writing online, I was inspired by bloggers such as Pat Flynn, Brian Clark and Ruth Soukup. I loved how they created educational content, sharing their knowledge and helping others along the way. Writing online has obviously changed since I first started in the late 2000s.

Today, digital writers can be bloggers, social bloggers or even contributors on publishing platforms such as Medium, Reddit or Quora. Digital advancements in social media have created opportunities for more writers, such as David Perell, Dan Koe and Tim Dennings, to establish their presence online.

I have always admired successful digital writers and have been observing and learning from them for years.

I love exploring ideas and lessons from digital writers on content creation and audience-building topics. In recent years, I have invested in digital writing courses such as Ship 30 for 30 and the 2-Hour Writer. I have learned so much not just from the courses but also from my experiments.

Writing has always been my passion, but truth be told, it has been a struggle to write online.

While I have been writing online for 16 years, I still struggle to establish a consistent writing routine and often debate with myself on a "niche" topic I should write about. In fact, I have had this domain for many years, but this website has gone through many transformations, from a niche blog on self-coaching to book reviews to personal growth. I've probably written hundreds of blog posts over the years only to change my mind about the niche, delete the blog postings and start all over again with a different niche.

I have also treated the pursuit as a hobby, and I realise that I need to approach the pursuit more consistently and seriously to establish myself as a digital writer.

So, the one topic I have been exploring and will continue to explore because of my love for writing is digital writing.

What I'd like is to:

  • learn ways to be an effective online writer.
  • explore writing and storytelling techniques to create engaging content.
  • experiment with tools that could help me write better.
  • implement strategies to create an online presence.
  • build an audience or like-minded community who want to thrive online as digital writers.
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