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1 Habit All Successful Digital Writers Have In Common.

Natasha Musa 2 min read
1 Habit All Successful Digital Writers Have In Common.
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Consistency: The Key to Building Your Online Presence.

Have you ever wondered what sets successful digital writers apart?

Is it their innate talent? Their unique voice? While those factors play a role, I've noticed one habit consistently stands out: consistency.

I've been following digital writers since... forever.

Digital writers I follow and love learning from, to name a few, are Adam Enfroy, Tim Denning and Ruth Soukup, who are established bloggers or social bloggers like Eve Arnold, Jasmin Alić and Dickie Bush. One critical habit of successful digital writing practice is posting content regularly. They establish a consistent writing routine.

Why Consistency Matters

  1. Audience Engagement: Regular posting keeps your audience engaged. Consistency ensures readers know when to expect new content, whether you’re on Medium, LinkedIn, or your blog. It’s like meeting a friend for coffee every week—you build a connection.
  2. Algorithm Love: Algorithms love consistency. Search engines and social media platforms reward active users. The more you publish, the more likely your content will be discovered. Think of it as feeding the algorithm beast—it craves fresh content!
  3. Skill Improvement: Consistency hones your writing skills. Like any craft, writing improves with practice. By committing to regular posts, you refine your style, experiment with different formats, and find your unique voice.

What Successful Digital Writers Say About The Power Of Consistency.

  1. Justin Welsh: "Consistency is the bridge between your goals and accomplishment."
  2. Nicolas Cole: “Writing online requires an unrelenting commitment to consistency.”
  3. Tim Dennings: "Consistency is where the real money is made."
  4. Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi: "Consistency > Talent."
  5. Lara Acosta: “Consistency and obsession beat talent every single time."

How To Show Up Consistently With Your Writing Online: The Seinfeld Strategy.

2018 December calendar with crossout marks
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Being a consistent digital writer is a challenge for most people, myself included.

Many successful digital writers looked towards Jerry Seinfeld, the famous comedian and creator of the iconic sitcom, as an inspiration.

Seinfeld used a simple yet powerful technique known as the Seinfeld method. This technique helps writers overcome procrastination and writer's block and establish a consistent writing habit.

Here's how it works:

  1. Set a clear writing goal for each day, such as writing for a set period (e.g. 1-2 hours) or writing a certain number of words.
  2. Use a calendar to track your progress. For each day you complete your writing goal, put a big "X" on that day's date on the calendar.
  3. Aim never to break the chain of Xs. Seeing the chain grow longer each day you write motivates you to keep the habit going.
  4. Set a specific time limit for your writing sessions, like 30 minutes or 1 hour. Having a clear start and end time makes the task feel manageable.
  5. Consider a small reward after each writing session, but know that the real reward is the satisfaction of completing the work.

Writers who have used this method report it helps them write more consistently and productively. For example, one writer went from writing 600 words every 3-4 days to 1000 words almost every night by using the Seinfeld method. The visual cue of the growing chain of Xs is a powerful motivator to keep the habit going.

Consistency isn’t about perfection—it’s about showing up.

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