I’m Tash.

I’m an experienced marketer by profession and a Licensed NLP Coach by certification, and I suppose I can now throw the title of Online Writer into my mix of credentials.

Ever since I was young, I've had a deep appreciation for great writing and a fascination with words. While writing is deeply ingrained as a daily practice, I mostly write for myself through journaling. As a lifelong student, I am also an avid note-taker.

I believe that words have power and that writing is an excellent tool for developing personal growth and well-being.

A few years ago, I struggled with a career slump. I was frustrated, burnt out & feeling stuck. Journaling kept me sane. Writing out my woes cleared my mind of worry, allowed me to evaluate my feelings and helped me identify what was in my power to change.

On this site, I write about exploring the power of writing and words to help you progress in life. I combine my knowledge and experience as a certified coach and daily writer, sharing writing tips & techniques that you can implement to coach yourself for personal growth and well-being.

Most days, you can find me on Twitter, or if you'd like, you can also reach me at desk@natashamusa.com.