Hi. I'm Tash.

Hi. I'm Tash.

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I'm a digital marketer, writer and certified coach. Yes, I'm embracing the multi-hyphenated career title! I am deeply passionate about seeking and sharing knowledge through my writing, and this site is my online space where I share what I learn.

My journey as a digital writer began as a blogger in 2008, sharing thoughts and reviews on books I read. Today, I write to share knowledge to help marketers like myself thrive in an ever-changing, demanding digital environment.

I have over two decades of marketing experience working with international and global advertising agencies and brands. In my everyday work environment, I consider myself a marketing generalist: I strategize, implement and manage marketing initiatives from brand to go-to-market campaigns, traditional to digital, advertising to public relations, but as a marketer, I have always been obsessed with marketing technology and the digital creator economy.

I love diving into tech tools and marketing strategies implemented by successful digital creators who excel at providing valuable content to grow an audience, create a strong online community and grow a thriving and sustainable business. I also love reading up on personal growth topics. My current essays primarily focus on knowledge sharing of ideas, learnings and resources to help marketers thrive in the digital environment.

Derek Sivers once wrote, "The coolest people I meet are the ones who find me through something I've written", and that's what I loved when I first started blogging; connecting with people and learning from others. Writing, sharing and connecting with others brings a lot of joy in my life, and I look forward to connecting with digital marketing peers from the online community to learn more from each other.

If you love to chat about all things digital marketing, you can find me on X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn, or you can drop me a note at desk@natashamusa.com.


Knowledge sharing, ideas and resources for marketers to thrive in the digital age.

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