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The Rise Of CMOs As Influencers And Brand Advocates.

Natasha Musa 2 min read
The Rise Of CMOs As Influencers And Brand Advocates.
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One of the most interesting trends I have noticed over the past few years is the increasing emergence of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) as influencers and brand advocates.

In an ever-evolving marketing landscape, CMOs are taking on new roles beyond their traditional responsibilities. With the advancements in social media and other digital tools, more and more CMOs are stepping into the spotlight, becoming influential voices that shape brand narratives and drive impact.

CMOs are becoming the new influencers.

CMO influencers leverage social media, connect with audiences, and amplify their brand voice. They are building their brand and becoming strong advocates for the companies they work for. They are embracing the digital era with social media and influencer marketing, orchestrating strategies that resonate, engage, and foster genuine connections with their audience.

Social media platforms provide an ideal stage for CMOs to showcase their expertise, share industry insights, and engage with audiences directly. CMOs can also utilise the platform to champion purpose-driven communication, such as ESG and diversity agendas.

At a time when consumers are increasingly craving authentic and genuine connections, CMO influencers can help humanise the brand and build trust by sharing their personal experiences and insights.

In essence, social media empowers CMOs to craft a brand narrative, engage with audiences on a personal level, and cultivate a loyal following, ultimately contributing to robust brand building and sustained success. - The Economic Times

An influential CMO, whether present on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, helps attract attention and increase brand visibility. Through the content they provide, CMOs can become powerful brand advocates, and if the authenticity resonates, it can drive loyalty among consumers.

While there are many benefits to having a CMO as a thought leader, there are also challenges and risks attached to being a public figure:

Challenges and Considerations

1. Balancing Act

I imagine that CMOs would need to strike a delicate balance between their brand and the brand they represent. A balancing act that is not an easy task. While representing a brand, they must maintain their individuality and authenticity to stay relevant and connected to their audience.

2. Risk Management

As influencers, CMOs face risks.

A misstep can damage both their personal reputation and the brand they represent. Clear guidelines and alignment with the company’s values are crucial.

CMOs, as influencers and brand advocates, represent a powerful fusion of corporate and personal branding. When done right, it’s a win-win: the CMO gains influence and the brand gains authenticity. As the lines blur between professional and personal, expect more CMOs to step into the spotlight.

CMO Influencers

Here are three of my personal favourite Chief Marketing Influencers who are creating great content that builds up their personal brand, reflecting their individual styles while bringing their company's agenda upfront:

  1. Amanda Natividad (VP of Marketing, Sparktoro)

I love Amanda's online personality. She's funny, and her content mixes her personal stories, such as her love for culinary art, updates on her life, and marketing insights. Alongside Sparktoro's founder, Rand Fishkin, she has become a great advocate for the brand.

  1. Yannick Veys (Co-founder and CMO, Hypefury)

While Yannick tweets valuable insights on growth and marketing, he also leveraged his personal brand to grow Hypefury, an X (Twitter) scheduling tool. Yannick practices the build-in-public concept and keeps his followers involved in developing his projects. His consistent and transparent updates were one of the reasons why I subscribed to Hypefury.

  1. Mark Schaefer (Marketing Strategist and Speaker)

Ok. Technically, he is not a CMO, but Mark is an influential marketing voice in the digital sphere. I have been following Mark for years, and he shares great insights on marketing. Mark also advocates personal branding, and I recommend reading his book, Known.

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