How I Got Interested In Learning About Coaching.

Natasha Musa 1 min read
How I Got Interested In Learning About Coaching.
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I am a Licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach® by certification.

Learning how to coach is part of my self-development plan, and I have spent more than 10 years reading and learning about the topic and how I could implement it in my everyday life. I have completed coaching courses from Performance Coach University, Evercoach and also through Richard Bandler's Licensed NLP Coaching Program.  

I have been actively experimenting with coaching tools and techniques as part of my personal growth and to overcome personal challenges.

How I Got Interested In Coaching.

I consider myself to be a dedicated knowledge seeker.

I read quite a number of personal development books every year, some of which are from the best coaches in the industry. My favourite coaches to read and learn from are Michael Hyatt, Jack Canfield and Timothy Gallwey, to name a few. I often found their materials valuable and relevant to managing life's challenges.

Like me, you have probably read or come across articles on why leaders should consider shifting to a coaching leadership style to effectively manage their team's performance and growth.

I've found several research studies indicating the effectiveness of implementing a coaching style in leadership. This prompted me to think, if it is beneficial to the work environment, how can it benefit me as an individual, peer or parent? Thus, I decided to actively learn how to coach.

I've seen and experienced many benefits of implementing this skill set to manoeuvre challenges in everyday life, both at work and at home. Moreover, given the right mindset and willingness to experiment, it would greatly benefit those who are feeling stuck with their careers.

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