The One Misconception About Self-Coaching That We Need To Correct.

Natasha Musa 1 min read
The One Misconception About Self-Coaching That We Need To Correct.
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"Self-coaching means I go through the process alone."

This was the belief I held when I first started the journey to self-coaching. Since I started sharing my self-coaching journey, I've also had several comments and feedback from others who also held the same belief. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common misconception of the practice.

Coaching yourself doesn't mean that you have to go at it alone.

You CAN look for help or guidance from others.

While self-coaching is primarily a process of analysis and change through self-awareness and self-reliance, it doesn't mean you have to do it alone.

Once you have identified your goal and outlined your action plan, you can always discuss the details with someone. For example, you can approach a mentor, a peer or a colleague or find an accountability partner with others looking to achieve similar goals. Be open to approaching people for help or feedback to get confirmation that you are moving forward with a clear head.

It can save you time from overlooking an insight or maybe identifying a red flag you could not identify yourself.

Don't go at it alone, at least not at the beginning of your journey.

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