5 All-Time Favorite Newsletters I Love Reading From My Inbox.

Natasha Musa 2 min read
5 All-Time Favorite Newsletters I Love Reading From My Inbox.
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I signed into my personal email account yesterday and found more than 700 unread emails.


That's a lot for someone who checks their emails quite regularly. Granted, about half was spam, but the rest were newsletters I had signed up for, which, in all honesty, I rarely read. So I decided to clean up my inbox and unsubscribe from some of the newsletters.

There are, however, five newsletters that I usually enjoy reading from start to finish and will continue to subscribe to.

Here Are Five Of My All Time Favourite Newsletters:

#1 Daily Stoic

I'm sure most people know who Ryan Holiday is or at least would have seen one of his books on stoicism. It's hard to miss his books when you walk into any bookstore. Holiday is an excellent storyteller; I've often found his writing engaging. His newsletters offer deeper insights into stoic wisdom and how we can apply the practice in modern life.

#2 Wise & Wealthy

I have been following Darius Faroux for several years now. He has authored seven books and creates online courses on productivity, business and wealth building. You can expect one tip on how to be wiser and one tip on how to be wealthier from his newsletter. Faroux has a concise writing style, and his content is easy to consume.

#3 3-2-1 Thursday

If you are a personal growth enthusiast, you’re probably among the 2 million people already subscribing to James Clear’s newsletter. James Clear provides general tips and ideas about habit-building and life in his newsletters. I especially love reading his quotes which I often share on Twitter, and the question he poses at the end of every newsletter inspires readers to think deeper.

#4 Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is the author of several books, one of which is a New York Times bestseller, Steal Like An Artist. If you haven't read his books, you should. It's simple to read and pretty inspirational. I love Kleon's newsletters because he provides various topics that make for good reading.

#5 Read Something Great

Okay, not technically a newsletter but curated articles delivered to your inbox. I stumbled upon Read Something Great when I started following Louis Pereira, the creator, on Twitter. It's simply a website that will pick five epic reads from the internet. If you're not interested in the first five selections, you can refresh and get five new articles to read from.

When you subscribe to the email, though, you will receive one short read on Thursdays and one long read on Sundays, all random but interesting content from the belly of the internet.

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