Daily Writing Tools.

Daily Writing Tools.
Photo by Nick Morrison / Unsplash

This page lists my tools for knowledge management, writing and planning my life to live more intentionally.

While I prefer to use traditional pen and paper to write my thoughts out, I mix it with digital tools to access my notes on the go. I think better when I write things down, preferably on paper, so it's usually the starting point for my workflow. I'll move whatever is relevant and needed into my digital tools for easier access.

šŸ““ Analogue.

šŸ–Šļø Pens.

  • Daily writing - My everyday go-to is the Pilot Frixion in 0.5. The erasable ink is a win.
  • Creative journaling - I use fountain pens. I have too many to mention, so I won't. šŸ˜‚

šŸ“± Digital.

  • Daily journaling - Day One Journal App.
  • Daily inbox, quick notes, idea dumping - Bear App.
  • Filing cabinet & Personal Knowledge Management - Evernote.
  • Read-It-Later - Instapaper.
  • Twitter scheduling tool - Hypefury.
  • Long-form writing - Currently experimenting with Ulysses.
  • Knowledge management sharing platform(s) - Twitter is my preferred platform to write daily, Ghost is my home base for publishing personal essays, and currently fooling around with Medium as a platform to distribute.

šŸ’» Devices.

  • Mobile - I carry two mobile phones: the Samsung Z Fold4, used mainly for work, which I usually try not to use or check on after 6 pm on weekdays and most weekends. I also have an iPhone 13 for personal use.
  • Reading - I prefer reading physical books for non-fiction and e-books for fiction. I used to carry the Kindle around to read on the go. However, since I started using the Samsung Z Fold4, I mostly read using the Kindle app on the device. Now, I use the Kindle device more for nighttime reading.
  • Main Device - Macbook Pro.
  • Tablet - iPad Air.
  • Note-taking- Boox Note Air 2 Plus/Boox Nova Air2. I use this primarily for work.