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Book Notes: Indistractable by Nir Eyal.

Natasha Musa 2 min read
Book Notes: Indistractable by Nir Eyal.

I was under the impression that Nir Eyal’s Indistractable was yet another book on managing technology to overcome distraction.

However, this book goes deeper into the psychology of why we get distracted.

Indistractable is a highly recommended read to level up your productivity by controlling your attention for unbreakable focus.

Indistractable In Summary:

According to Eyal, triggers prompt us to take action or inaction. There are two types of triggers, internal and external.

External triggers are our environment. Notifications on our phones are an example of an external trigger.

Internal triggers come from within us. They can be uncomfortable emotional states that lead us to seek escape from discomfort.

Both internal and external triggers prompt us before we take action, leading to either traction or distraction.

Distraction is any action that pulls us away from our goal, while tractions are actions that help us move closer to our goal.

Eyal covers the above points in detail within the book in 4 essential parts:

  1. Master Internal Triggers
  2. Make Time for Traction
  3. Hack Back External Triggers
  4. Preventing Distraction with PACTS

The book's most valuable and insightful part for me was understanding internal triggers, their causes, and how to identify and overcome them.

Indistractable delves into the psychology of distraction. Eyal also provided an understanding of what distracts us from our goals and provided clear, actionable steps to overcome this challenge.

Could Internal Triggers Be The Cause Of Your Distractions? What It Is And How To Master Them.

“Being Indistractable means striving to do what you say you will do.”

We need to work on the right things to live the life we want.

It is crucial to identify what distracts us, as distraction can lead us to work on the wrong things, get us off track, and stop us from achieving our goals.

In Indistractable, Nir Eyal states that the common cause of distraction starts from within, which he refers to as Internal Triggers.

What are Internal Triggers?

Eyal highlights that the root cause of internal triggers is our desire to escape discomfort. Internal triggers are distractions within us, creating an uncomfortable emotional state, the feeling that precedes distraction.

Actionable Steps to Master Internal Triggers.

While we can't control our thoughts and feelings, we can control how to manage them. Eyal shares 4 Steps to help handle intrusive thoughts:

  1. Identify the internal triggers in daily routines. Internal triggers start with the feeling of discomfort that leads to distraction and inaction.
  2. Write down the trigger by noting down the task, the time of day, and how you felt when you noticed the feeling of discomfort.
  3. Explore your sensations when you are about to be distracted.
  4. Be aware of Liminal Moments, moments when you are about to be distracted.

Once we have identified internal triggers, we can manage them by reimagining the task and making it fun. We also need to reimagine our temperament by removing self-limiting beliefs and practising self-compassion.

An invaluable and insightful read that goes deep into the psychology of the matter.

Nir Eyal's Indistractable is a must-read for those who struggle with focus.

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