5 Ways High Achievers Can Reframe Their Fear of Failure.

Natasha Musa 1 min read
5 Ways High Achievers Can Reframe Their Fear of Failure.
Photo by Marc Najera / Unsplash

High achievers fear failure.

I know this because I am a high achiever.

The problem with being a high achiever is that we take failures personally. Once we've made a mistake or experienced failure, we feel like we're constantly scrutinized and judged for every action, making it feel like we're not good enough.

A couple of years ago, I started a job. It was an excellent opportunity. But the minute I stepped in, I felt like I was in over my head. I struggled to cope with the demands and felt like no matter how hard I tried, nothing worked, and one negative comment would spiral into self-doubt, anxiety and the feeling that I had failed tremendously in life.

I know it sounds dramatic, but this was what I felt.

What changed for me was when the stress started affecting my health. I knew I had to take a step back and change the way I approached the way I work. One of which was to reframe my thinking about failure.

These were five ways that I explored to help reframe my view of failure:

  1. Treat failure as feedback to do better.
  2. Stop associating one failure with everything else in life.
  3. Realize that you can control your actions and effort but not the outcome. Certain things are just out of your control.
  4. Like everything in life, failure is not permanent.
  5. Remember that failure doesn't equal self-worth.

I still struggle to overcome my fear of failure, but reframing my view of failure has helped me cope better with unfavourable outcomes.

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